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Kathwood Baptist Church is still a relatively young church, born in 1964. Kathwood has been a progressive presence in Baptist life in the Columbia area, and a leader in the formation of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina. One of the church patriarchs, Glen Hedgecock, wrote, that the founding members of Kathwood “made the decision to organize a new church to break out of the mold and practice of most Baptist churches of yesteryear. The purpose of our group was to be more open and receptive to change, to be more innovative, willing to try different forms of worship and education, and to be different – to make a difference.”

Church Covenant

God has called us together as a Christian community of disciples called Kathwood Baptist Church. We want to follow Christ faithfully and live out our faith in Christian community with each other. To that end, we make these promises to each other as fellow pilgrims, and covenant individually and collectively before God:

  • To join in regular Bible study and the worship of God
  • To love and encourage one another, remembering one another in prayer and seeking to enhance our fellowship
  • To seek and welcome inquirers and disciples into this fellowship, helping them become part of this Christian community
  • To serve one another in humility and grace, following Christ’s example
  • To respect one another as equals before God, regardless of gender, race, or social position
  • To encourage the identification and cultivation of each other’s various abilities, gifts and callings
  • To respect one another’s freedom as priests before God; to be accountable to one another for maintaining a Christ-like spirit and manner of behavior
  • To be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation
  • To seek to resolve conflicts in a direct but loving way, following Christ’s instruction
  • To contribute whole-heartedly and regularly to the ministry and expenses of the church
  • To work in unity, supporting the ministry activities of the church and involving ourselves in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of those in the world around us
  • To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all that we do