Welcome to Worship Kathwood!

We continue in our Psalm Series, learning how to give thanks for the undergirding Presence of God in our lives. The variety of venues in this video remind us that wherever we are, we can worship God; and with intentionality and deep-seated desire, we can know that we worship together.

In the Matters of the Church, you will be treated to a glimpse of our Book Give-Away! We enjoyed sharing books with over 30 people. We have no idea how many people donated books, but we are grateful that you did! The morning began with hundreds of books and when we ended, there were still lots of books! We will make certain they are distributed and let you know who the lucky recipients are.

We are thankful for many people leading in this time of worship: You will recognize Kathwood people at the Book Give-Away (Timothy, Eural and Suzie, Sherry, Frances, Carolyn, and others), Donna, Robert, Cheryl, and Brant. Also in today’s video is a beautiful song, performed by several of Claire’s college friends. In three languages (English, Hebrew, Hindi) they sing to God. We are blessed by all our Kathwood musicians and grateful that they share their gifts of music with us.

Join hearts and minds as we give thanks to God!
Beth and Burt

Order of Worship
Matters of the Church
Call to Worship
Hymn of Thanksgiving    Rejoice the Lord is King
Children’s Time                40
Scripture Reading            Psalm 40:1-10
Sermon                            Time for a New Song
Anthem                            Prayer