Hello Kathwood Family and Friends!

Thank you for joining in worship this week.  A note for the next few weeks—we will be looking to stories of Jesus’ ministry, for guidance in our daily living and for strength to make difficult choices. You are always welcome to share this video with people you wish to connect to our family of faith or with individuals who might resonate with the scripture or music of a particular week.

Today we enjoy an anthem from Festival by the Sea 2019, an annual music festival organized by Burt Pardue, in which our choir participates. Voices from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship churches across the state join at the festival to sing praises to God. Enjoy this beautiful offering and know that our Kathwood Choir is singing . And as always, thank you to those who enhanced our worship through scripture readings and Children’s Lessons.

Each week it is a privilege to worship together. It is also a privilege to BE CHURCH together the other 167 hours of the week!

Beth and Burt


Order of Worship:

Matters of the Church

Call to Worship                                 Psalm 146: 1-2                                                 Please read in unison

Hymn of Praise                                 All Creatures of our God and King

Children’s Lesson                             Praise God!                                                        Donna Matthews

Scripture Reading                            Psalm 146                                                          Scott and LeAnne Ryan

Sermon                                            Alleluia Living                                                    Beth McConnell

Anthem                                           Festival of Praise