Hello Kathwood Friends!

Glad you can join together in worship this week. We begin a new 3-week series focused on Jesus’ miracles, particularly 3 stories from the Gospel of Matthew. (Reminder: we are reading through Matthew this year. If you have not gotten started yet, it’s not too late!)
When we read the miracle stories there is great drama to be experience. There are personalities and circumstances. The nitty-gritty of life and the joyful surprises of God’s Mysterious Presence. There is hopelessness and there is the miraculous. May we learn from these stories and though written long ago, find our places within them.

Our music this week are wonderful gifts from our accompanist and our choir. More than anything, hearing them brings my heart together with you before God. Their spirits speak through their beautiful music.
We are also grateful for Susan reading scripture and Timothy filling in for Juli and Donna this week!

As we worship together today, may we encounter God and receive renewal for the week to come.
Burt and Beth

Order of Worship

Call to Worship
Hymn – Love Divine, All Love’s Excelling
Children’s Lesson – Sharing Love – Timothy Lewis, Children’s Director
Meditation – Jesus Loves Me, Voncille Williams, pianist
Gospel Reading – Matthew 14: 15-21 – Susan Avery
Sermon – More than Bread and Fish – Beth McConnell
Prayer Response – Lord Listen to Your Children Praying – Kathwood Choir

WATCH HERE; https://youtu.be/G5j0NtrV06k
Miraculous Stories: Compassion