Our congregation welcomes you to worship no matter who you are…

Our congregation welcomes you to worship no matter who you are, where you come from or why you are here. We are Christ’s people, and this is Christ’s place with its doors open wide. If you are passing through, Godspeed; if you are looking for a home, stay here; if you need instruction, learn from us as we learn from you. We invite visitors to join us, but most of all, to return often.

Worship is the central and most important act of the Christian community. In worship we sing God’s praise, listen for God’s word, receive God’s gifts in baptism and communion, and respond in the dedication of our lives with the confidence that God’s Spirit equips us for ministry.

The congregation is led in worship by the pastors, laity, deacons, and musicians. Kathwood follows the Christian calendar and we use the Revised Common Lectionary as the framework for our worship services.

Each Sunday morning, we gather at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary for the worship of God.  Worship services are dialogues between the congregation and God.  In scripture, music, sermon, and silence we listen for the word of God. In prayers –  spoken and sung – we respond.

Music is an integral part of our worship services. The goal of the music ministry is to unite the congregation in worship and in song, singing our theology, sharing our experiences, and celebrating our future. Read more about our music ministry > >

You may view upcoming and recent worship guides here.